youth hostels

Posted by: bev1

youth hostels - 07/07/06 11:51 AM

Can anyone advise me on the where abouts of youth hostles on the Dalesway route?
Have done the walk before,staying at local pubs,but would like a cheaper option,and thought YH's might be fun!
Many thanks for your help.
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Re: youth hostels - 07/07/06 06:24 PM

The only one that springs to mind is the one in Dentdale near the Sportsmans. You will have to break the walk down, over TWO days, if staying there.
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Re: youth hostels - 07/07/06 06:32 PM

Hello Bev1
There are Youth Hostels in Kettlewell, at Cowgill in Dentdale, in Kendal and Windemere.

There are bunk barns at Swarthghyll near Oughtershaw, at the Station Inn Ribblehead and also in Dent, Sedbergh and Lowgill.

If you obtain a copy of the Dales Way Handbook you will see full details of these and of camp sites and B & B on the route.
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Re: youth hostels - 08/07/06 10:39 AM

Thanks,chaps...sounds like it could be Kettlewell,Cowgill and Kendal then! That should give me a little extra money to spend on essentials (ie Beer!)
At least the extra miles will burn the hangovers off!
Many thanks.
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Re: youth hostels - 26/10/08 12:55 AM