Walking in July

Posted by: barney44

Walking in July - 03/04/07 10:44 AM

I am walking the dales way this summer. I had planned on walking in September, but may be forced to walk it in late July.
Coming from Australia, can anyone advise me if the walk is very busy then. I always use B&B's or pubs. I know it is the British high season. All my other LDW's have been in May or September which have been much quieter, which I prefer.
I would make sure to start the walk mid week.
Posted by: Journeyman

Re: Walking in July - 03/04/07 04:09 PM

Hello again Barney,

I have walked the Dales Way 3 times and I walk in the Wharfedale area every month so I feel qualified to make comment. There will be some sections of the Dales Way that will be busy in July but not necessarily with Dales Way walkers e.g. the stretch through Wharfedale is popular at the quietiest of times with walkers and others enjoying the great outdoors. When you leave Wharferdale via langstrohdale and go over Cam Fell into Dentdale you will find it a lot quieter. There will be other Dales Way walkers but you won't see as many people as you would for example doing the C2C. The Dales Way is a fantastic walk with loads of scenery and lovely villages. Good luck with your walk.
Posted by: Stottie

Re: Walking in July - 03/04/07 07:50 PM

I've walked in the Blue Mts of NSW, experienced the overland trek of Tasmania, and hiked in most of the national parks in UK. They're all different, and in every case I just went to see what I'd find. I recommend that approach.
I know this might seem obvious, and I hope nobody thinks my comment trite or dismissive of the enquiry.
Wherever you go you'll see what you see, and you'll meet who you meet. That's the charm, and I suggest you go with the maps, the compass, and the flow. Most people you meet will be motorists, but you'll get great contacts with other walkers. In late July and August book your accommodation ahead, and look out for a grey-haired old git of 60 who's walking solo and chewing the fat, or shooting the breeze, with anyone that looks worth five minutes of view exchange! It might be me!!