Family walk or not?

Posted by: KatC

Family walk or not? - 28/04/09 09:27 PM

Hi all,
I'm a bit new to Long Distance Walking so am getting myself slightly confused. My husband and I would like to walk the Dales Way with our 12 year old son in August this year. We're all regular walkers and can manage a pretty hefty hike ok.
I'm just wondering about accommodation. We fancied camping but am a bit concerned about the lack of "official" campsites. Do you just rock up to a farmer and ask if you can use their field? What if everyone says no? Can we book somewhere (campsite/bunkbarn/YHA) every night before we leave if so does anyone have any recommendations?
Posted by: Harland

Re: Family walk or not? - 28/04/09 09:34 PM

You could look at the Dales Way Association web site for accommodation which includes details of YHA and camp sites:-

I might do this walk later in the year so I would be interested in how you get on.
Posted by: flatlands

Re: Family walk or not? - 29/04/09 03:26 PM

I've done the Dales Way twice, but not camping. If I did it again, possible in September 2009. I would def camp it, it is a lovely walk and a great 1st timer to long distance walking. However, I've the Dales Way Hand-Book 2006 and this lists all possiable camp-sites along the way. The hand-book is 1.50 (2006)
Posted by: Slogger

Re: Family walk or not? - 29/04/09 05:33 PM

It definatly is a walk for families. Not too demanding, in fact easy, wonderful scenery following the 5 rivers that it does. It is usually done over 6 days, so an average day of almost 15 miles, although some will be longer, some shorter. Quite well signed and easy to follow.
Posted by: KatC

Re: Family walk or not? - 30/04/09 09:14 PM

Thanks for that. Will definitely get hold of the Handbook and keep you informed Harland.
Posted by: smay

Re: Family walk or not? - 24/05/09 08:58 PM

Good luck with your walk - this was my first long distance walk and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you have the chance to do the leeds-ilkley link i would highly recommend it. Bramhope - ilkley was one of my favourite parts of the walk, with such a good use of ilkley moor. It adds about 19 miles on to the walk anf it's very well signposted
Posted by: m/ark

Re: Family walk or not? - 15/07/09 09:02 PM

Dont worry about camp sites just pitch up you will be ok, most farmers are freindly and dont mind a bit, and if they did all they will politly ask you to move.