Dales Way

Posted by: BMurray

Dales Way - 30/07/09 10:46 PM

I was just wonering if there was anyone planning to complete this circuit in the next two weeks. Was thinking of doing it myself however some company would be good? smirk
Posted by: Kate's Dad

Re: Dales Way - 31/07/09 01:07 PM

When we did it last year there was a steady stream of people walking the Dales Way. The chances are that you will meet others doing the Way along the way. Good luck and have a great time!
Posted by: KatC

Re: Dales Way - 02/08/09 12:02 PM

We're setting off on Tuesday. Bags are packed...can't wait!
Posted by: Oates

Re: Dales Way - 02/08/09 12:22 PM

We're setting off on Monday 10th for a 5 day crossing! Then the weekend at Bowness!

Looking forward to meeting some of you on the Way!

Posted by: BMurray

Re: Dales Way - 27/08/09 11:45 AM

My original intention was to complete the Dales way from 17th Aug to the end of the week, however on further investigation I looked into A dales High Way. It had its own website and even a Calender girl and events day on the Friday, 21st Aug, I was setting up there. The walk and route is very structured. The scenery is breathtaking a does take you through some of England best lanscapes. Any one wishes for more info, just post me a message.
Posted by: June

Re: Dales Way - 20/07/10 03:22 PM

We did the Dales High Way in May this year - thoroughly enjoyed it. Not quite sure what you mean by a 'structured' route - like all routes, you pays your money (or at least you buy the guidebook or look at the map) and you takes your choice! I found the guidebook, and the 'Companion' booklet, very well set out and easy to follow, but if you wanted to put in a diversion here or there you just look at your map. It was fascinating to find some little-known paths in such a well-trodden area as the Dales.