Mud, Shit and Stiles Way - finished on Friday

Posted by: Calluna

Mud, Shit and Stiles Way - finished on Friday - 15/09/09 04:41 PM

Hi guys.

Well I managed to get to the end without being trampled by cows or bulls, a bull did give me some heart stopping moments though. Found it more tiring than the South Downs Way even though it was shorter - so much more mud and stiles. I enjoyed most of it but did grow weary of the endless mud and the 3 blisters I got hurt. Met some lovely people along the way - Baz and Carol kept me entertained for some of the time, if your are reading this please don't forget to send me those photo's, and keep in touch smile Hi to Lanky Lad (sorry didn't get your real name) from Bedfordshire.
I have to confess that I missed out a few miles on the Thurdsday - most people had booked into Burnside but I had a B&B booked in Staveley, another 3.5 miles further. This was a bit too much for me to do from Sedbergh, and I would have run out of daylight before reaching my digs, so I had to get a taxi for a few miles. Will go and do those missed miles one day in the Winter.
Anyway lessons learnt were:
1. It is much more tiring carrying 10kg than a daypack (will defo be using Sherpa for Coast2Coast next year)
2. Could do with losing a bit more weight.
3. A 15 mile day is enough if possible.
4. Don't like eating my evening meals on my own - which happened a few times. If possible will get a take-away and eat in my bedroom.
5. Pay the money for those custom made boots inserts - I have problem feet which puts extra pressure on my toes and causes them to blister.

I will post some more about accomodation reviews tomorrow.

Posted by: Bliss 60

Re: Mud, Shit and Stiles Way - finished on Friday - 15/09/09 07:14 PM

Well done for completing and well done for lessons learnt!! Don't worry about the taxi bit - I'm sure we've all done that. When I walked Offas Dyke earlier in the year, on the day that it bucketed it down - having done 20 miles the day before and 15 miles on that day - I decided to get a taxi for the last 3 miles into Llangollen. Not sure that I missed much - and from my recollection - not sure that the 3 miles odd miles you missed after Burneside were anything that special. I also remember a lot of stiles/gates on the Dales Way - and really narrow ones that meant I was continually taking my pack on and off (I was camping and my tent was lengthways and wouldn't go through the little gates).