whw - time of year to walk

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whw - time of year to walk - 07/01/04 02:37 PM

I am planning on walking the whw in mid-March 2004. Is this an ok time? Will there be enough daylight? How about the weather? My husband and I are in our late 40's and live in Minnesota, USA, so we are experienced with cold!
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Re: whw - time of year to walk - 08/01/04 09:29 AM

You're more likely to have to cope with rain than extreme cold. In mid-March you'll have the same amount of daylight in Scotland as in the US (and, indeed, as everywhere else on the planet, since it's dead on the equinox), although more of it might be obscured by cloud.
At least you won't be troubled by midges, and if you do get chilled it'll be a good excuse to sample the local (distilled) produce.
Best wishes,
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Re: whw - time of year to walk - 09/01/04 09:01 PM

Spring is best time for WHW. Especially on Lomondside as the foliage is less dense so the views are better. There could be snow on the tops and when clear visibility is greter. I usually reccomend the month of May. Yours Peter.
Posted by: Pieter van Niekerk

Re: whw - time of year to walk - 23/01/04 05:11 PM

I did it from 31 August 2000 to 6 September 2000. It rained and rained and rained every single day. Sorry one day it did not rain in fact.

Last year I taak my family to Scotland around the same time and guess what -- the most perfect weather throughout the 6 days we visited Scotland.

So, no guarantees. The only guarantee I can give you is that rain or not, the hike was better than the holiday by car as the WHW is one of the GREATEST long distance hikes I have done - if not the greatest and that includes among other the Tour of Mont Blanc.

Enjoy it.