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Posted by: Mardon

Cell Phone - 01/09/10 03:39 PM

Hope to be doing the walk next fall and will be purchasing a UK cell phone. Which service provider has the most coverage along the route.
Posted by: MarkF

Re: Cell Phone - 01/09/10 11:14 PM

If you already have a 3G phone you can pick up a free sim card from 3. Their prepaid rates seemed about the best when I was in the UK in 2009 and you could top up in 5 pound increments and they had a great deal on data if that is what you need.
Their coverage on the WHW looks ok and they do have one of the more extensive coverages of the UK carriers. Check their website for http://www.three.co.uk/Help_Support/Coverage.
Posted by: *tim*

Re: Cell Phone - 10/09/10 09:09 PM

Plenty of free pay-and-go sims from all network providers, if your current phone is unlocked you should be fine just replacing the sim.

I'd stay away from three, they have terrible service in most places, stick with vodafone or o2. If need a new phone as well, buy the cheapest phone from Tesco's on their own network (they piggy-back the o2 network)
Posted by: Mardon

Re: Cell Phone - 11/09/10 06:27 PM

Thank you!