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Posted by: legs

baggage carrying - 14/11/04 08:23 PM

I spoke to someone today who said he had met people on the first stage of the walk who were using a baggage carrying service. I know Sherpa do it from Malham upwards but wondered if anyone knew who did the first bit.I have had a bad back in the past and although another 3or4 months off work would be great in theory believe me it ain't much fun if you can't walk!!(or can only walk short distances looking like a constipated duck!!) Found a company called Brigantes who may be able to help.Anybody out there used them?? and just out of intrest why sherpa don't you do the first bit?????
Posted by: Romur

Re: baggage carrying - 14/11/04 09:36 PM

The National Trail website lists two baggage carriers: Sherpa and Brigantes. Brigantes do the whole route. I walked part of the way with people this summer who were using Brigantes. It seemed to work out ok for them.
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Re: baggage carrying - 15/11/04 08:07 PM

Did you carry all your stuff or did you have it carried for you?
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Re: baggage carrying - 15/11/04 09:52 PM

I carry all my stuff, cant bear to part with it.
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Re: baggage carrying - 16/11/04 06:48 PM

Did you stay in tent, hostel, or B&B?

How much did your pack weigh?
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Re: baggage carrying - 16/11/04 08:20 PM

I generally aim for about half camping, the rest youth hostels if possible, maybe a camping barn or B&B. My pack weight total with everything including camping gear, food and water comes to 20lb weight or under. In terms of gear I took on board a lot of ideas about ultralight camping coming from the US.