Will he make it?

Posted by: tomread

Will he make it? - 09/06/06 09:38 AM

A mate of mine was on Black Hill yesterday, and met a lost PW walker, who wanted to know where he was and whether he was on the PW or not. My friend said he had a map and compass, but not a clue how to use it, so he gave him an 'on-the-spot' tutorial! The PW walker also admitted to getting lost the previous day too and missing Crowden by 5 miles. Will he make it to KY?

(Mind you, the One Man and his Bog book begins in similar style).
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Re: Will he make it? - 09/06/06 08:59 PM

Yes he'll make it, even idiots cant fail to do this easy walk.
Posted by: Lounge Lizard

Re: Will he make it? - 09/06/06 11:52 PM

His name's not Mark Thatcher is it ?
Posted by: tonyk

Re: Will he make it? - 10/06/06 03:46 PM

Whilst its quite easy to make a mistake getting off Bleaklow the mind boggles at the thought of anyone getting lost on Black Hill these days as its got a stone path running right across the top of it.In fact the stone path starts at Dun Hill and continues unbroken to the A635!

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Re: Will he make it? - 11/06/06 02:22 PM

I would say that anyone who was having trouble navigating on Black Hill would have little chance of sucessfully navigating Cross Fell and so on in bad conditions, so lets hope its clear up on the tops the day he is doing that leg!!