Last Minute Decision

Posted by: yorkshireposse

Last Minute Decision - 05/09/06 11:40 AM

Maybe the August rainfall levels in Yorkshire have affected my better judgement but last Friday, buoyed on by a reasonable long range weather forecast, I decided to phone a few hostels and B&Bs the result of which is that I start the PW this Friday the 8th September. Is anyone else starting from Edale on this date? The other posse members are unable to come on this trip and therefore I will be travelling solo. Had planned to do the walk pre-World Cup and in view of our teams performance wish I had walked in June. Main problems with bookings were two hostels at Baldersdale and Dufton the latter telling me during two separate phone calls "tell him we're full" and "we have no bookings for that Monday and we are now operating a flexible opening system so will not be opening". I contemplated using the baggage transfer company that covers the whole route for a trip starting in August but their rate was prohibitive.
Posted by: Vexmore

Re: Last Minute Decision - 05/09/06 01:36 PM

I'd sy go for it... Between B&B's and Hostels I think you would be fine. If for some reason the actual town you want to stay in is booked then I doubt you will have any problem finding something else nearby. Carry the accomodation guide with you and call ahead if you anticipate any problems. I walked the Pennine Way in July with a full kit but doubt I would have had much of a problem if I had booked at the last minute. There's not really that many people on the Pennine Way. Everyone is on the Coast to Coast. If you decide to carry a full kit there would definitley not be an issue... Go for it and have fun....
Posted by: Graham S

Re: Last Minute Decision - 05/09/06 11:00 PM

I agree with Vexmore - go for it because the experience is too good to miss. As you have ditched the idea of using the baggage service (a luxury which I used with my family this summer) you are either camping and completely self-reliant - thereby cutting costs and being entirely flexible in the distances covered but adding to the weight carried - or cutting the weight down by relying totally upon hostel/B&B accommodation along the route. Choosing both adds weight to the pack and, elsewhere on this site, there have been some excellent postings about the need to keep the weight carried to a minimum.

Incidentally this autumn will be the last opportunity to use some of the YHA hostels currently in existence along the way due to imminent closures (including, I believe, Earby, Keld, Baldersdale, Greenhead, Bellingham and Bryness).

Good luck and I hope that the weather is as kind to you as it was to us.

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Re: Last Minute Decision - 06/09/06 01:59 PM

Thanks Vexmore and Graham S for your responses.I walked C2C last May without booking but took camping gear for flexibility.Did not want to take this time but have managed to book all the accommodation without problem.
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Re: Last Minute Decision - 06/09/06 10:16 PM

Have Fun ! It's a great walk... Drink a few Black Sheep Bitters for me ! Cheers !!

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Posted by: yorkshireposse

Re: Last Minute Decision - 25/09/06 12:40 PM

Pleased to advise that I made the crossing without any major hitches. The weather was great with only 1 day of rain when doing the Horton to Hawes section. I met some great guys and gals along the way and I was particularly pleased to have the company of Cliff and John on the long last leg from Byrness to K Yetholm. However I thought the Greenhead to Bellingham leg to be the toughest by far and only made it with approx 30 mins before dark.The jacuzzi bath at the Lyndale was bliss. I don`t know how you guys who walked in June/July coped in the heat. During the trip met Pete who was walking from Lands End to John o Groats and on the last day, John, an American who had completed the whole Appalachian Trail taking 5 months and 1 week.Puts everything into perspective eh! Best pint in my opinion was the Grays in the Nags at Edale. Commisserations to Chris, Dave and Jeff who were forced to retire with injuries.Must start planning for the WH Way next spring or shall I make another last minute decision?
Posted by: ernest smith

Re: Last Minute Decision - 25/09/06 02:09 PM

Hi yorkshireposse,
well done, appalachion trail doesn't that set one's immagination running riot !
it is one i would have liked to say i had walked, quite a few things prevented it mainly because i am a cowerd would have been terrified, just imagine every little russle on a night when cowering in a tent,but what an achievment for those who have the courage
Posted by: tomread

Re: Last Minute Decision - 25/09/06 02:57 PM

Congratulations on completing this marvellous walk. Yes, the heat in July was something else, but only really hit us on the first day, when we didn't arrive at Crowden YH until gone 8.30pm. I can well imagine that Greenhead to Bellingham was tough, as albeit short, the Hadrian's Wall section between Greenhead and Once Brewed is not exactly restful.

We also split the last day, and easily made it last into two full days of walking, so hats off to you. I also enjoyed the Grays Ales at the Nags Head in Edale, but you missed the best pint on the walk by doing Greenhead to Once Brewed in a day. Best pint was Teacher's Pet at the Twice Brewed Inn.
Posted by: Journeyman

Re: Last Minute Decision - 25/09/06 03:43 PM

Congratulations yorkshireposse on your achievement. I haven't made my mind up what I am doing next year but after reading the various reports of the PW this summer including your, tomread and others I am getting itchy feet for the PW. It's moved to the top of my list - but will my dear wife let me.
Posted by: ernest smith

Re: Last Minute Decision - 25/09/06 05:04 PM

hi Journeyman,
i know the feeling, sadly my dear wife never was one for walking long distances
and now unable, it sort of puts a damper on the walks,if i am a good boy maybe i will be let of the leash occasionally
hope you are lucky for next year
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Re: Last Minute Decision - 27/09/06 07:09 PM

jammy leg or gammy leg ?
Posted by: yorkshireposse

Re: Last Minute Decision - 28/09/06 02:03 PM

Yes , I was the guy at the Border enjoying the late sunset and pint of beer with you.Not one of the guys that jibbed on a round with you though!