Getting home

Posted by: yorkybuzz

Getting home - 07/01/07 07:40 PM

Hello all,

Could anybody give me advice on travel from Kirk Yetholm, i'm from Sth Yorkshire so my thoughts were head for Newcastle.

So would it be Kelso then Wooler or is there a Kelso/Newcastle bus service?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Posted by: GANTY

Re: Getting home - 07/01/07 09:26 PM

Bus ky to kelso. Bus kelso to berwick. Virgin train berwick to sheffield. No problems at all getting home last May
Posted by: Kate's Dad

Re: Getting home - 08/01/07 07:13 AM

Would echo Ganty's feedback. Regular bus and train services. You should have no problem.
Posted by: tomread

Re: Getting home - 08/01/07 03:37 PM

Better way. Meet a mate from Harwich (Essex) in KY. He takes the long route home so he can drop me off in Macclesfield (Cheshire) on the way. Will only accept a sandwich and a coffee at the services by way of fuel contribution.

Can anybody top that...?
Posted by: Lounge Lizard

Re: Getting home - 08/01/07 04:29 PM

tom, Few people would accept a sandwich and a coffee at a motorway service station ; did he consume them ?
Posted by: yorkybuzz

Re: Getting home - 08/01/07 09:07 PM

Thankyou all for your advice, was hoping there was a bus Kelso to Newcastle. Hoping to finish 28th June then onto Newcastle for a workmates stag do on the 30th, then get a lift back home sunday. Suppose i could do Berwick-newcastle on the train, unless Tomreads mate picks me up and has a night on me!

Thanks again all