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#1303 - 21/08/06 03:56 AM Any Bull Problems this Year?
Tony A Offline

Registered: 30/07/06
Posts: 7
Putting together our journal on-line (see the first 10 days on and specifically describing the "bullock" episode at Bolton- on- Swale, we wondered if farmers have any obligation to warn hikers? Weve seen "bull in field" signs near Grasmere but nothing for these 25 bullocks! They may have been harmless but sure looked menacing. Any other encounters?

#1304 - 21/08/06 07:44 AM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
Kate's Dad Offline
Full Member

Registered: 23/06/05
Posts: 274
Loc: Derbyshire
The only Bull we came across was from certain people on this forum! Ho Ho.

#1305 - 21/08/06 07:52 AM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
Journeyman Offline
Full Member

Registered: 02/12/05
Posts: 248
Loc: Rotherham, South Yorkshire
No major problems but two encounters where I had to give good old bully and his relatives a wide berth. Firstly in Grisedale where the bull, cows and calves were very frisky and blocking the exit from a field. I gave them a wide berth and waited for them to move on. Secondly, the biggest (predominantly) white bull I have ever seen in a field close to Reeth. Again it was blocking the exit from the field with cows and calves and I had to give it a wide berth and awit for it to move sufficiently far away to allow my progress over a stile.

They were probably harmless but I have seen some dangerous situations in the past where buylls have looking extremely menacing especially where dog walkers are in the same field as them/their relativesw. I wonder how other walkers with dogs such as Heatha and Cassie went on this year.

#1306 - 21/08/06 09:46 AM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
LoneWalker Offline

Registered: 02/03/06
Posts: 183
Loc: Cheshire, UK
I had no problems with Bulls on the C2C this year, my only slight altercation was with young cows (no idea of sex) who seem to associate people with food and hence tend to herd around them, which can be quite disconcerting due to their size.

Bulls of over 10 months and of recognised dairy breeds are not allowed to be left in fields with footpaths at all. Bulls over 10 months of other breeds are ok if accompanied by cows. This paraphrases the law which can also be seen here:

I've walked very close to extremely large bulls and never had a problem, but these have always been with cows.

Your biggest concern however is probably walking between a mother and calf, who when very young can be lying in grass and unseen by you.

As a dog walker I have found that if trouble looms let your dog go, dont hold on to it. He/she can probably outrun the bull/cow and will also draw attention away from yourself, giving you a chance to reach the stile.

#1307 - 21/08/06 09:53 AM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
tonyk Offline
Full Member

Registered: 16/02/04
Posts: 1033
Loc: UK
I think they are under an obligation to warn walkers if a lone bull is in a field.A bull that is in a field with cows is never a danger as its got its mind on other things.Bullocks are more of a nuisance than a danger.

#1308 - 21/08/06 12:34 PM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
matto Offline

Registered: 15/12/04
Posts: 90
Loc: Derbyshire
A bull wouldn't let us into his field despite it being full of his laydeez. We were obviously a threat to his sexuality. It stood by the gate bellowing and scraping the ground. We wimped out and jumped over into the adjacent field full of docile sheep.
This was at Asby Grange a few miles west of Kirkby Stephen. GR 693107

#1309 - 23/08/06 10:02 AM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
Ash Offline

Registered: 13/04/06
Posts: 50
Loc: Selby
We had no problems with bulls at all. Those that we did see were safely behind fences and in one case between richmond and Ingleby the bull was on one side of the path calling to his girlfriends on the otherside. We did encounter cows many with calves but walking calmly by at a safe distince posed no problems. Cows are generally nosey and are mild mannered but extra care should be taken if walking with a dog (Lonewalkers advice is very good) or if they are with calves and feel threatened.

#1310 - 27/08/06 09:17 AM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
Marc Offline
Full Member

Registered: 27/08/06
Posts: 7
Loc: Embsay, North Yorkshire, UK
When we went past, that bull was calling to the one on the other side of the road, which came down to chat. The two of them were bellowing like fog-horns, much too busy with each other to pay any attention to passing walkers. It was a great sight and sound.

#1311 - 28/08/06 08:52 PM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
AnthonyRHeath Offline
Full Member

Registered: 16/11/01
Posts: 90
Loc: Knottingley, nr Pontefract Yor...

Yes we had problems at Bolton on Swale. As you can see the bullocks were crouded around the exit style from the field but the relieved look on Trish's face is because we had just negotiated our way past them
Robin & Trish

#1312 - 30/08/06 08:08 AM Re: Any Bull Problems this Year?
Heatha Offline

Registered: 24/07/03
Posts: 244
Loc: North Yorkshire, England
Yes, I was taking Cassie (the dog) through that same field just outside Bolton-on-Swale and, of course, they always chase dogs. They had a lovely time intimidating Cassie. Walking poles really come into there own at times like those!

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