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#3758 - 25/09/07 07:40 AM DW in 24 hrs
JL Offline

Registered: 16/02/05
Posts: 8
We are planning a non-stop under 24 hr yomp on the DW for a good cause - any hints, comments, experiences or general shaking of the head whilst tutting would be much appreciated

#3759 - 25/09/07 09:33 AM Re: DW in 24 hrs
tonyk Offline
Full Member

Registered: 16/02/04
Posts: 1033
Loc: UK
This report from "Slogger" might give you an idea of what a non sopper is like.

I arrived at my hotel in the Ilkley Thurday evening, The Riverside Hotel. It couldnt really have closer to the start at the Bridge. I noticed that the Dales Way information board there has at last got the distance correct at 84 miles even though the signpost states 82 mile. A couple of pints later I was looking forward to a good nights sleep, unfortunatly I had no sooner put my head on the pillow when the occupant in the next room began using a hammer drill, and the vibrations went right through me. Not really a drill but some unbelievably loud snoring. 3.10am and I still hadnt had a wink of sleep, but sometime after that he either quietened off or my exhaustion overcame the din. I awoke at 7am.
At 8.30am I was off and it was very warm already. Cap on back to front to protect my neck and Camel Back 2 lts full.
I set a 3mph overall target that would get me finished at Bowness at 1153am Saturday morning. Walking faster than that pace I reached Burnsall in 3hrs 34min, Kettlewell in 6hrs 40min and I was at Yokenthwaite at 6pm after 9hrs 30min.
I had to stop to attend to bad blisters on both heels shortly after this. They were worse than I feared about the size of a fifty pence piece and bulging. Feet in the river to cool off, had some food (Took my time) blisters popped and compeed on, clean socks and see how they feel. The pain was hardly bearable but from previous experience I knew, you could get used to it. I hadnt gone more than a couple hundred yards and I seriously considered abandonment, or even turning round and walking back towards Ilkley. I didnt want to end up on the moor in the middle of the night hardly able to move, and had the weather been against me, abandon the walk, I would have done.
Anyway I decided to give it a bit more distance and after about 20 minutes the pain started to ease off, so I carried on.
I had lost 53 minutes during the stop.
Cam Houses after 12hrs 32min. Over the varient and into Dentdale where darkness descended, and past the Sportsmans Inn at around 1120pm.
By the time I reached Dent (1am) my blisters were giving renewed agony. I reached Sedburgh after 18hrs 42min and daylight was returning.
Between Sedburgh and Crook Of Lune Bridge I lost a further 40 minutes after somehow turning a full 180 degrees and backtracking without realising it. I was so mad with myself, CONCENTRATE, I told myself as I got back on track, cursing.
The time was slipping away now, the sun and its heat fiercer than ever. I stopped at every water source I came across, filling my cap and replacing it on my head, just allowing the water to run down me. My burning legs and arms thoroughly dowsed, I battled on towards journeys end, which I eventually hobbled to at 1:53pm after a total time of 29hrs 23mins.
A couple of pints of Extra Cold Guinness, a Cumberland Sausage meal at the Village Inn in Bowness, a taxi, train and another taxi I was back home for 5pm.
Today Sunday I have performed self minor surgery on both heels and hope I will be able to wear shoes tommorrow as I am back at work.
Once again I finished this trip of self imposed agony, saying NEVER AGAIN! Alas, though, I am already thinking about what I can do to make the next trip more comfortable. Oh, if only I could stop myself doing these kind of things. But the truth is I am addicted and just cant help myself.
Be Warned, once you try it, theres no stopping it.
Davee you an idea of what its like.Enjoy!


#3760 - 25/09/07 08:49 PM Re: DW in 24 hrs
Slogger Offline
Full Member

Registered: 12/06/05
Posts: 2893
Loc: West Lancs.
Oh, it brought back memories reading that. 24 hours would be extremely difficult in my opinion for the Dales Way, my best is 29.25 hours. I have never finished it without extremely bad deep heels blisters, losing all the entire heel thich skin on three separate occasions, because the faster you walk the more the heat build up and 3 mile per hour is very fast for such a distance. The problem of blisters doesnt usually kick in untill around the 40 mile mark, but after that you know about it. You also need a very poisitive mental attitude, because it is ging to hurt like you have never hurt before, and it goes on and on and on. A few years ago I introduced a pal of mine to the Dales Way non stop. This guy was super fit had done all the big hard Fell races that year finishing well up the field and is 15 years younger than me. However I had done three 45 mile training walks. We finished the Dales Way in 30.5 hours I was fine as I found the pace (His pace) comfortable, but he was on his chinstraps after 30 mile. He told me it was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life and was almost in tears as we approached the finish in Bowness.
You have been warned, let us know how you get on, success or failure.
Dont carry too much weight early on, you can stock up in Grassington and Kettlewell on your your way through, however you will need to leave Kettlewell quite heavy laiden carrying enough food and drink to see you through to the finish some 61 mile away as you dont pass any other shop on the way.


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