From Rowardennan Hotel follow rd round to either the pier or through to car park in the trees. There are new toilets here due to open this year. The old ones at start of Ben lomond track will soon be removed. Just by the pier there is a large round memorial. We call it the Stargate or the polo mint. The road is an easy walk round to the youth hostel, and beyond to Ptarmigan Lodge. Just by the lodge is a metal gate with side bits for you to pass. You will now be on a good but hard forestry road. This was not original WHW route. That started just beyond the gate past the Lodge and was by steps down to the loch side. It was a much nicer walk but rough in places, so powers that be changed it to the road. The road goes on and climbs. Just at highest point there is a viewpoint with a seat(a bit muddy). Onwards now downhill(mostly). Keep your eye open for track running off to the left. This takes you to the loch side and following this(rough and muddy in places) you will come to a stony path at right angle to you on left. This takes you to the Rowhoish bothy. This building open to all can provide shelter if wet or place for lunch. You can stay overnight, and if you light a fire use only dead wood. From bothy return to path turn left(north)and this nicely rejoins road thus saving boring trudge. The forest rd eventually comes to an end. However a new track takes over. This replaces one that contoured round hill side now it goes up and down all over the place. There are a few wooden bridges up the loch and one you will pass first is where people were washed into loch in bad weather. At least one man drowned saving his pal. So be thankful for these bridges. (built by Territorial army teams) Beyond Cailness cottage the path is a pleasant wander so enjoy the solitude broken by roar of traffic on other side of the loch. Look out for views of the Cobbler(Ben Arthur). As you approach Inversnaid you may well meet day trippers with children/ dogs/ prams.
Cross over falls by bridge to hotel then down steps. Go round to rear of Inversnaid Hotel to walkers entrance. You will be welcome to use large ballroom just take you boots off. Walk through to bar and you can get beer/ meals/ tea etc.
On leaving hotel walk round the front then join WHW path. This now passes through a RSPB bird reserve. You are now firmly in Rob Roy country, Look out for Rob Roy's boat house. Soon you reach an area of large rocks/ boulders this is near Rob Roy's cave (signposted) Unlikely he will be in as he often goes shopping in Helensburgh. From here to top end of the loch the path is rough wet slippery( always rained on me at this section). There is a small island on loch called Isle I Vow (site of old nunnery) (pity not still in use). This seems to take ages to pass such is slow nature of terrain. Eventually path comes down on loch at small bay. From here you climb a low col(pass)not far on is an old bothy called Doune. This is a bit of a dump as often I meet young especially Dutch people smoking dope. OK if stuck for the night it will keep you dry but not a very clean place. Continuing you come to a sign for Ardlui ferry. To call ferry from opposite side you raise a red mooring bouy just like a flag up a pole. Ardlui has great hotel,with a camping site. Hotel does great meals and is excellent accomodation run by the Squires family. Just up from Ardlui there is another place used to be called the Bothan now does good cheap accom/ meals. If not crossing loch keep on path this will now leave Loch lomond and climb up into Glen Falloch. This is a nice area look out for rare birds on small lochans. A pleasant wander now takes you to Ben Ghlas farm. Here there is a campsite and heated wigwams. a good toilet block showers etc and a restaurant.. You can walk out on to the main raod here and walk back down to Inverarnan to the Drovers Inn. Very old and full of character. Barmen in kilts and stuffed bears in foyer. It looks a bit dirty but across the road is the Stagger In. New a clean with good food.