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#406117 - 11/11/13 03:58 PM How do they do it!!!!!
Slogger Offline
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Registered: 12/06/05
Posts: 2893
Loc: West Lancs.
Nothing to do with walking, just venting my frustration here!
Filling up my van at the service station today, I spotted a guy and his wife that I used to be neighbors with.
Ive not seen them for year or so, but last time I did they invited us round to theirs, 'anytime'.
Well there was never going to be 'anytime', as I can't stand the sight of them, in fact when I do see them, I feel almost physically sick.
We got on quite well when we were neighbors, but after My business had been going 5 years we got our own place and moved house.
It's a long story, but basically they had been fiddling the benefit system for years, because they were 'entitled'
After fleeing the country twice to escape their debts, getting caught twice working whilst on benefit. Not worked except casually for the last 35 years and not at all for the last 20. They now live in a charity owned house and pay 5.. a month in rent, but that is more than covered by the monthly grant that every resident receives.
They drive a new large car, under the governments 'mobility' scheme after successfully suing a local hospital, following knee surgery. (just an act, nothing wrong with his knee)
Not paid a penny in tax since leaving the army 35 years ago.
How do they do it???
This guy is 63 years now, and although I can't stand the sight of him, Ive got to hand it to him, he's no shame in having worked the system and won, he's proved that it really does not pay to work hard and pay taxes, when one can get away with being bone idle, and cheat and lie your way through life.

#406119 - 11/11/13 10:15 PM Re: How do they do it!!!!! [Re: Slogger]
lightweightmick Offline
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Registered: 18/11/04
Posts: 1697
Loc: North Derbyshire UK
get it off yer chest mate - it's a case of 'learn the jargon..' I'm afraid.
My missus has got a new contract (same job) - she will have to work 5 hrs more a week but has to accept a pay cut of 800 a year - she either signs or looks for another job - it stinks...
St Bees or Bust!
A Walk in the Park...s

#406120 - 12/11/13 01:48 PM Re: How do they do it!!!!! [Re: Slogger]
Slogger Offline
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Registered: 12/06/05
Posts: 2893
Loc: West Lancs.
My missus had to take early retirement on health grounds. She had exhausted her statutory sick pay from work, so automatically went on incapacity benefit. However shortly after finishing work, she had to go before the board. She wouldn't in-dignify herself with bulls--t and simply told the truth.
They scored her 1 point for her nerve damaged wrist, and zero for her Epilepsy, as it medically controlled.
They clearly have no understanding of the side affects of the medication, or the conditions severe debilitating effect in almost every aspect of life in particular the working environment. If course as expected she was turned down. She could have appealed but was unwilling to Cow Tow, so I just said boll--ks to them we'll manage without them.
This guy and his wifes very existence relies on us the hard working taxpayers and swanning around in their very nice car, that we are all paying for, is just taking the p--s!


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