Some colleagues of mine along with myself and a support driver and cook are planning to do a six day walk West to East, mainly to defy convention, and also to have the weather behind us.
I have done the C2C twice, so I am officially the only one with any long distance path walking.
That said, I would like to know the condition of the path,and wether I can get away with walking shoes or not.
One of the guys thinks he might do it in trainers. I've told him, that that would not be a good idea.
I also have my trusty boots.
As we have a support vehicle, we only need day packs.
We also will have a cook,(our drivers wife,well he will need some company) so food shouldn't be a big issue, and I believe we should be able to avail ourselves of the performance enhancing beer at locations through out our trek.
So my questions are.
Boots or Shoes.
Camping with a 12 man tent or little tents?(actually, that's not a question, as itS already decided)
But any advice on the terrain and strain, and condition of he path, ( will we need gaiters,? I'm thinking probably not.)
Time of year will be 24-29 the May 2015.
Age range 39 - 55.
Experience levels, fairly experienced - novice.
We are also doing it for charity, as well, why not?

Any pointers would be appreciated.
I have Henry Stedmans book..........Maps really required?
Thank you.
Next one.
June 5th 2016.
The Fifth anniversary of C2C1
Yup Mad as hatters.