g'day to all the aussies out there - just got back from a trip to oz - flew into Perth and hired a car touring Albany/Pemberton + Margaret River area - kept coming across the 'Bibulum Track' which think runs from Albany to Perth - anyone tried it all/part?? - would be interested to hear?

what a great country you have there - oh to be 20!! - i'd be there.

then flew over to Sydney for a wedding at the Harboard Diggers Memorial Club (you guys in sydney will know that no doubt?) - spent quite a bit of time on Shelley Beach and also walked to Fairfax Point past the quarantine station - great views of Sydney from there.Then up to Brisbane spending a lot of time at gorgeous Byron Bay visiting the lighthouse and all the wonderful beaches - the walks there seem to be more dangerous? but are there any well known walking routes in that area?

leki - promise to let you have my list of b+bs shortly - just trying to overcome jet lag and catch up with business.