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#41124 - 07/01/05 10:25 AM Lycian Way!
H Offline
Full Member

Registered: 07/07/03
Posts: 233
Loc: Yorkshire
I've a "big" birthday looming on the distant horizon, and have provisional permission (and may be even financial sponsorship?) from my better half to go for a once-in-a-lifetime thingy.

I've seen bits of this when in Turkey, and read much of the book. But neither has put my mind at ease about walking for 500km, and one month in a country where you cannot get decent maps!

Even on the small sections that I've walked, some logging work had obliterated the way-markers (which were otherwise pretty good) and Kate - who developed the walk/wrote the book, is forever having to issue updates on the web-site, due to erosion/logging/housing development etc.

Has anyone out there got any advice about a venture into the unknown, like this? I know NW has walked Turkey before (How did you find your way around?) presumably others have done this sort of thing in newly developing areas.

Although I've tried this sort of thing in Sardinia, its always been relatively short days, and with no targets to meet the option of hopping on a bus is always open .. and the language is not as much of an issue.

This is someting I've fancied for a long while, but basically been to "chicken" to consider, until now .... Spare backbone anyone?

#41125 - 02/02/05 01:12 PM Re: Lycian Way!
Joel Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/02/05
Posts: 3
Loc: Various
I have walked the length of the route (October 2003) and I assisted in the re-waymarking in March 2004.

On sections of confusing rocky landscape we tried our best to paint with line-of-sight marks to help trekkers find their way. In farming areas we tried to get waymarks on to spots that didn't seem as if they were going anywhere soon. Yes, things will change and patience may be required to find the route, but you can always ask a local which way to go.

I walked the route solo after having been in Turkey for all of a week. Speaking no Turkish and only having the phrases from the back of Kate's book, I managed just fine. Villagers are getting accustomed to seeing walkers and know you might be perplexed. Farmers often walked with me (whether I needed help or not) till they were sure I knew which way I should be going. Just remember that Lycian Way in Turkish is "Likya Yolu" and tell the local resident the town/place you are headed to. They will make sure you get sorted out.

There are regular bus connections in towns on the route so you do have options if you should need to get off the route or jump ahead. Mountain villages often have a mini-bus that comes up for schoolchildren so you could possibly look to that if needed.

Expect to be welcomed in to homes in mountain villages. This is part of the culture but also just a basic human reaction to confused trekkers like us. I recommend bringing pictures or postcards from home with you to show to your hosts. It gives your hosts a sense of the place you come from. Since language will likely be a problem visual aids such as this help a lot to pass the time. Be sure to offer something (cash) for the food and bed. Some of the villagers will ask a specific price for your stay; regularly turning their humble home into a bed, dinner & breakfast establishment for trekkers. The price I was charged was extremely reasonable by any standard, especially considering the experience you are getting (and the food is great!).

Enjoy your journey!

#41126 - 09/02/05 05:45 PM Re: Lycian Way!
H Offline
Full Member

Registered: 07/07/03
Posts: 233
Loc: Yorkshire
Thanks Joel - That's almost exactly what I wanted to hear. (No excuses, now then!).

I'd also be interested to find out how you get on with the St Pauls Way. Walking across the Anatolian plain looks like it could get mind-numbing!

Interesting to hear that the Lycian Turks are getting used to walkers. In 2001, when we walked in a few rural areas around Aspendos/Termessos, we were greeted with amazed delight, by the locals who'd never seen a group of tourists that far off the beaten track.

Great fun - but I get the distinct impression that they'd never seen a walker before and wouldn't have had a clue about needs like fresh water, let alone bed & breakfast!

Thanks - now all I need is to persuade one of my walking (drinking) buddies that they want to do it, too!



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