We are slowly completing the SDW by doing a series of circular 17-20 mile walks that include part of the SDW.

This weekend we seemed to have come across the highs and lows of walking in the British countryside.

Last week in September and we are still in shorts and T-Shirt, great weather.

Setting off from Beacon Hill near Exton we were amazed to see about 10 Buzzards soaring high above us in the thermals, and not so high in the trees next to the path. We were advised by a guy watching them that amongst the Buzzards were 2 Red Kites - the Buzzards from time to time swooping down on the smaller Red Kites.

Then turning the corner to see a herd of deer walking across the fields below.

Sadly the walk was spoilt a little by the number of paths we came across that had been ploughed over and now contained crops, footpath signs deliberately taken out of the ground or obscured and on one a Planning Application giving notice that the landlord had applied to upgrade the footpath to be used by all forms of vehicles.