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#44427 - 07/01/09 03:57 PM Re: Planning [Re: Mark Bradshaw]
tim smith Offline
Full Member

Registered: 28/10/06
Posts: 1054
Loc: england
they used to recomend barley sugar sweets , but the last i got it was on the packet '' sugar free''

#44428 - 07/01/09 05:16 PM Re: Planning [Re: Mark Bradshaw]
Lounge Lizard Offline
Full Member

Registered: 07/05/06
Posts: 2013
Loc: Stafford
I have never let 'Planning' spoil a good Long Distance Walk.
I just decide which one to do, divide the mileage by about twenty-five to determine the number of days, book accomodation at appropriately located pubs and/or Youth Hostels, buy the relevant Ordnace Survey maps and then forget about it until the day before departure when I throw spare clothes and a few other essentials into my rucksack.
Never fails.

#44430 - 07/01/09 05:31 PM Re: Planning [Re: Lounge Lizard]
Tortoise Offline
Full Member

Registered: 19/08/08
Posts: 133
Loc: South Bucks
If you really literally did that, LL, you'd end up with some days of close to 30 miles (allowing for the fact that accommodation is rarely exactly where you want it). That certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea!

Of course, one can adjust your '25' figure appropriately downwards according to taste, but having the confidence to be able to deal with any eventualities met on a minimally planned walk only comes with a lot of experience.

Even then I personally prefer to do more planning - but maybe that's because I'm one of those sad cases who actually enjoys the planning phase as well!

#44431 - 07/01/09 06:28 PM Re: Planning [Re: Mark Bradshaw]
Oldun Offline
Full Member

Registered: 01/12/04
Posts: 1750
Loc: Renens, Vaud, Switzerland
Some years ago the story went around about a Geneva business man who one day reached the end of his patience with his job and all the that went with it. So he upped from his desk and left the office and walked down to Nice with only his credit card in his pocket, buying what he needed on route. when he was tired he slept and when he was hungry he ate. No planning, no training, no kit, no maps.

My Russian language instructress was born in Siberia and when she was 16 yrs old her family all died. Being alone she had nothing to keep her there. So she walked towards the setting sun until she reached Austria, where she meet a German and after a while she married him. She said that she carried nothing with her except a long stick that she had picked up. When she was hungry she ate roots, berries or leaves. If she came to a village she stopped for a while, did some work for her lodging, and when she got bored she started walking again. She is now in her 90's and a very fit lady who stands no nonsense from anyone.

Is there a moral to these tales somewhere ?

#44437 - 07/01/09 09:25 PM Re: Planning [Re: Oldun]
Filopastry Offline
Full Member

Registered: 05/01/09
Posts: 17
That walking is more fun than earning money? smile

#44441 - 08/01/09 01:59 AM Re: Planning [Re: Filopastry]
canmal Offline
Full Member

Registered: 18/10/00
Posts: 482
Loc: Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Hi Fi (I kill myself sometimes!) smile
In reference to your question re booking..I'm not sure how limited space is in b&b's etc, or how many people are going with you, but it would seem to me, if your not camping,accommodation availability would trump most things when planning your schedule.
We went with with 12 people (one non walking driver who dropped us off and picked us up) and booked a couple of self catering "bases". This gave us maximum flexibility as we could get picked up almost anywhere there was a road.You might not have that luxury.
Was it Stottie that said train with your group?..I agree wholeheartedly..nothing ruins things like a sulker!..find out who that may be beforehand!
If you were doing the c2c by yourself and didn't mind being sick eating wild berries (are there any in Apl?)you might not need to plan. However, to avoid being lynched by a mob would suggest some rudimentary planning happen, even if its just an escape route!
good luck, enjoy

#44442 - 08/01/09 05:50 AM Re: Planning [Re: Stottie]
HB Offline
Full Member

Registered: 11/09/07
Posts: 224
Loc: Norfolk, UK
Hi there Filopastry, well you have certainly got us all involved and a pleasure it is too, reading all the responses confirms that.

You know what they say 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail', so plan and prepare, and expect the unexpected so that you don't get any nasty surprises.

I too was apprehensive about doing the C2C, and asked for help from this site. There is so much knowledge here that you have a great choice of what bits you use and what bits you discard, but at least you will have the appropriate information to consider.

We used the SherpaVan system for taking our main luggage, and then had day packs, mine contained - waterproofs, gaiters, extra fleece, first aid kit, sun screen, mobile, camera, gps, maps & Steadmans coast to coast guide, spare sox (in sealed polythene bag), loo roll and trowel! food and cereal bars/energy sweets for that extra bit of sugar when needed.

Of course the rest of the group did not have to carry the gps, first aid kit, maps or Steadmans. They did however, carry their own loo rolls etc.

We trained as a group most of the time and with full day packs, weighed down with bags of sugar/bricks to make sure we knew what we could carry. Take a look at our training blog to see the fun and games we had.

Best of luck

#44443 - 08/01/09 07:38 AM Re: Planning [Re: Mark Bradshaw]
Bliss 60 Offline
Full Member

Registered: 02/05/07
Posts: 273
Loc: Birmingham
Tortoise's list looks good. I'd add for consideration:

Some lightweight comfortable shoes to wear in an evening
A torch
A stack of large plasters

For me, footwear is important. I can take much of anything, but I hate walking with wet feet. So good quality boots and good walking socks - which can be difficult to wash overnight - so I personally take a number of them. I also have one pair of waterproof socks that come out for those really gruesome days.

I'm also something of a map person. I find that .a. I like to know what's around me and .b. I want the option to check out alternatives if I don't like what I'm walking on - particularly important on the C2C. So I end up taking OS maps - adds a lot to the weight - but that's what I personally like (the maps not the weight). I tend to post them home when I've done with them.

#44446 - 08/01/09 09:54 AM Re: Planning [Re: Bliss 60]
Tortoise Offline
Full Member

Registered: 19/08/08
Posts: 133
Loc: South Bucks
Thanks Bliss. I actually did include the shoes and torch but I'd agree that 'a stack of plasters' is definitely missing!

I always carry what I call an 'odds and sods' box which has all sorts of bits and pieces in (string, tape, safety pins, spare batteries, etc, etc) - and it also includes a few plasters. I'd left it off my list thinking it was maybe a bit excessive for some people, but the plasters are an essential.

#44449 - 08/01/09 11:04 AM Re: Planning [Re: Tortoise]
Bliss 60 Offline
Full Member

Registered: 02/05/07
Posts: 273
Loc: Birmingham
Apologies - I read it too quickly.

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