Just completed the WHW and met a lot of nice people along the way. Had 3 days sunshine, 3 days so-so, and 3 days horrible weather. The last day crossing from Kinlochleven to Fort William was the wettest since 1919, with gale force winds up to 45 mph. I think that all those on this section that day will agree that it was tough going. Saw the winner of the Caledonian Challenge come past me. I believe that he completed the 54 miles in 10 hours something. An incredible feat of endurance considering the extremely poor, eroded surface of the Way. Even walking at even pace required total concentration at every step to avoid stumbling on the ragged granite chips and rocks of the old military roads.

Had a great time. Good B&Bís, good food, good company and a great service from Sherpa and Travelite.