How far you can get on day3 would depend, I reckon, on how much your long day1 has taken out of you and your feet. Also if the weather is particularly bad you may not be as far on as you had hoped. This is the problem with ambitious schedules and messes up pre-arranged accommodation bookings.

I walked your proposed day2 and day3 but spent two days doing your day1 mainly because the weather cracked up. Standedge to Colden was enough for one day. From Colden to Lothersdale was a bit convoluted over farmland, with the path not always obvious and signed. I could have probably gone on past Lothersdale but it is a good place to stop with a pub serving good food. Go for the B&B next to the pub not the bungalow on the edge of town that also does camping in the front garden.

Badger Hill Farm got a good rating from others staying there. The pub nearby doesnt serve food all days, so they arranged for the landlady to cook for them in the evening.