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#52136 - 11/11/09 09:21 AM Re: Loft Beck path. [Re: bootzmanloofer]
RichardJ Offline
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Registered: 10/02/00
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Loc: Warrington, UK
Slogger, Stottie - well said.

Can I add that are also dozens of cairns along the way. No absolute guarantee that you're on the right path, but if you're walking off a bearing they give a bit of assurance.

Other places for compass work: Greenup Edge and Nine Standards!

I can kind of see why people go astray at Black Sail Hut. The nature of the path changes and may not seem right, but if you're paying attention it should be obvious that you're done so!

#52138 - 11/11/09 04:54 PM Re: Loft Beck path. [Re: RichardJ]
Slogger Offline
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Registered: 12/06/05
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Loc: West Lancs.
I used to go walking with a pal before he became too soft, and no longer wanted to go up onto rugged summits. On a 45 miler we found ourselves descending a track towards a valley. Looking at the map it didnt seem right. we were looking for the onward path. My pal said "Theres a path over there, lets take it". I couldnt believe his words.
After more attention to the map I found where we were and how we had gone wrong. During the night in the dark we had completely missed turning right over a stile in a fence, and gone straight on instead. This led to where we now were.
Nothing else for it but to retrace our steps, which we did and were back on route at the said stile.
Later after we had reached our destination and were having a debrief. I told him that I couldnt believe his naivity in wanting to follow that path, simply because it was the only one we could see. I said "You cant just follow any old path, its got to be the correct one, or we would end up in a worse situation." Sheepishly he had to agree.
In many a Fell race runners go wrong because they follow the guy in front (Ive done it myself) and when he stops turns round and asks if anyone knows where they are, they realise their error.
Its a bit like that with walkers they tend to follow the main more obvious path, which is okay but if the route exits it at some point, that point should be the focus of attention and then the next point and so on.
As Ive said before we all go wrong at times usually when in a group, when distracted by others, but seldom when going solo.
Incidently the Brandreth (Modern)fence mentioned in the later guidebooks is not the one mentioned by Wainright in his original C2C guide. I have that book and the fence he mentions is the original metal boundary marking fence that goes straight to Brandreths summit. Like other lakeland metal boubary fences only a few metal spikes remain, but can still assist the way to many summits in the area.
These new fences which dont appear on my maps of the Lake District were errected following the latest Foot & Mouth outbreak. They can be a bit of a nuisance at times when going direct cross country and coming across one, not marked on the map.

#52201 - 13/11/09 09:19 PM Re: Loft Beck path. [Re: Oldun]
Reluctanttrucker Offline
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Registered: 26/09/09
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Loc: Earth. Usually,but not exclusi...
Originally Posted By: Oldun
Thinking back to my walk earlier this year I do not remember any problem finding Loft Beck and climbing up it.

Some difficulties arose afterwards though, finding my way in low cloud across that endless expanse of moor land to the head of the shale path that leads down to the old railway line. Had to keep a constant check on GPS co-ordinates on my map and following a hand held compass bearing.

Walking out into nothingness in a white out always gives an adrenalin rush, but wouldn't it be a shame if it were signposted all the way. Where would the sense of achievement be when you finally arrive at your destination after finding your own way, alone, using only your own guts, skill and determination.

I class signposted long distance walks along with nanny states and political correctness.

I love the Nanny State, and Political Correctness, and my real name is Gordon,and when I am not walking I like to think I am running the country,but don't tell Peter.
Next one.
June 5th 2016.
The Fifth anniversary of C2C1
Yup Mad as hatters.

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