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#61328 - 11/05/11 11:34 PM What to take on WHW
jaytee Offline
Full Member

Registered: 27/04/11
Posts: 5
I am going to attempt to walk this route in June .

I did some research and found this was the best month to do it in, dryer, less midgies, and quieter,
I need some advice on what to take as in clothing (amounts), dry food Etc.

I am going to carry a tent and sleeping bag for back up so i have to save weight in other ways, i am going to look into carrier services but i dont want to get myself to a place on their time, as in if i feel tired i can pitch my tent where i want within reason.

Now i have been ill for a while on the mend now had 3 ops last one in 01/12/10,i promised my self i would get fit for this so i am getting there, i have myself walking 5 miles a day and still another month to get fit for it.
I used to run a lot marathons and halfs , was out in all weathers with the TA training and rough camping( just bashers) so i do know my limits
Just need help in what to take as i will probely have forgotten how to pack and what to take.
EG. hexy blocks or calor gas bottle, soap or shower gel, dexys or pans.
Thanks for all answers
They may sound a basic answer to you but not to me

#61355 - 12/05/11 05:34 PM Re: What to take on WHW [Re: jaytee]
Slogger Offline
Full Member

Registered: 12/06/05
Posts: 2892
Loc: West Lancs.
To go really lightweight you have to spend a bit of money on the right kit.
A little gas stove with a small canister is better than Hexi blocks.
You can also get a lightweight pan or two.
Small (Like you get in hotels) bottle shampoo, used sparingly will get you through a week.
A head midge net is essential if camping in Scotland.
A sleep mat adds to comfort and ground insulation.
Dehydrated food packs are light to carry and only need water.
A Spork instead of KFS is cheap to purchase.

Just a few suggestions, hope they help.

#61370 - 12/05/11 10:32 PM Re: What to take on WHW [Re: Slogger]
jaytee Offline
Full Member

Registered: 27/04/11
Posts: 5
Cheers Dave.

The migies attack me no matter what.
I was in Corrour doing a job on the bridge ,full airfed mask on , face well covered and still they got in.
Should i use a 60+15 rucksack or 50+15 .

I am going for insoles next week will get them moulded to feet and start using them.
What kind of sox and should i take, should i take 2 pair of boots?
Its old habits i have, double up on everything as in clothes wise as long as they are light

#61379 - 13/05/11 04:42 PM Re: What to take on WHW [Re: jaytee]
Slogger Offline
Full Member

Registered: 12/06/05
Posts: 2892
Loc: West Lancs.
Is that the bridge near Corrour bothy and the Lairig Ghru, fantastic place.
I prefer Thorlo Trekking socks, not cheap but good, with a slightly thinner pair first layer.
I also use Sorbothane 'double strike' insoles in my boots.
The 50+15 sack should be big enough for a week.
One pair of boots, but you could take a pair of lightweight trainers or Sandles.

#61505 - 20/05/11 11:31 PM Re: What to take on WHW [Re: Slogger]
jaytee Offline
Full Member

Registered: 27/04/11
Posts: 5
It was the rail bridge about 2 mile down from the station, stayed in Fort William, then got train to the bridge , they would stop on the bridge to let us off.
We had pitched a big tent for our breaks and cooking outside toilet as well covered in.
We arrived one morning and there were about 4 people camping in the area and they wee brewing up beside their tents.
We told them they should have used the one we had set up as everything was there.

They didnt like to they said a chat with them and a brew and off they went.

The only problem i have now is my boots (borrowed , can keep if i want) a bit sore on the toe,they are a salomon gore-tex, feel great on, underfoot, but a niggle on the toe.

i aint going to take the chance on them (had them stretched a bit as well)
I have two pair of trail shoes salomon gore-tex , so i will use them ,to late to break anything in now.

I got insoles , i am swapping them between all shoes and slippers to break in.

Just a few odds and sods to get, a small stove and a pot, rucksack comming from Hagloffs ( demo, its free!!)#

Will take an Icebreaker for nite time, will take an Arcteryx jacket for weather, bought a 10 day pair of knickers (lol).

i am getting excited now, my only worry is my

OOo ye.. got corset from hospital as well , LOL

#61536 - 23/05/11 04:12 AM Re: What to take on WHW [Re: jaytee]

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