Office is the funniest showThe Office DVD I've ever seen. He has a great cast, with Steve Carell (my new favorite actor), Michael Scott, Director. The supporting actors are equally good. My favorite characters in addition to Michael, Phyllis, Stanley, and Kevin. Season One was great and seasonOne Tree Hill DVD 2 is better. I watched every season one episode at least 10 times! If you have never seen the show, I highly recommend you buy a season to see how the show is. The format of the show is just as great without canned laughter. I also like the dry humor that everyone uses. Every time I see Sopranos DVDThe Office, I can not stop laughing! This DVD, but only 6 episodes, are totally worth it, loaded with deleted scenes and commentaries, it will keep you busy.The popularity of shows not really pick up until Carrells catapulted his career as a 40 Year Old Virgin, which was NCIS:Los Angeles DVDimmediately after the first half of the season.People began to take it and has a following much bigger then. The first season is definitely a good, a bit 'slow to start to adapt the style and the comedy showand the show has greatly improved its second season.Each character in the show is to support an incredibly well done. I reallyPrison Break DVD learned to love all the characters and the show is fun because you can not choose the office staff of individuals who perfectly match the signs .