Hi guys,
Just completed the dalesway on sunday, camped along the way. For those who wish to do the same here are some harsh lessions i learnt:

Get the flipping dalesway handbook for £2, will get you out of trouble when looking for places to stay.

Load 20kg - way too much.
You only need three changes of cloths, 1 for walking, 1 for sleeping, 1 for going out in
Pair of socks each day (but wear 2 pairs each day, one fresh one yesterdays.

Food, only need to pack 1 days worth. Dalesway has lots of towns to get your food, so keep weight down by carrying only one days worth.

I pushed 23 odd miles a day, this was way to far… comfortable distance with load is around 15/18 miles.


Day 1 Ilkley – Kettlewell (23 miles)
To far, but kettlewell (foldfarm) is an excellent campsite, showers etc… camp in field next to the showerblock and not up the road where the caravans park.
Should have broken it up by camping at appletreewick or grassington

Day 2 Kettlewell – Cowgill (23+ miles?)
To far, got to cam house and thought jez got miles and miles to go
Should have stayed at cray (I hear you can camp behind the pub).
Cowgill (sportsman inn) has a unofficial camp site over the stone bridge from sportsman inn, but the best outside loo I have ever had the pleasure to visit.

Day 3: Cowgill to Sedburg (5-7 miles?)
Shame I couldn’t camp in dent, but that was just too short. Homle Open Farm is a campsite but not maked on map. Nice clean place, nice showers.
Only problem is the “ford” to cross the river is anything but a ford, if the river comes up don’t attempt to cross it. Crackers, they should build a bridge.

Day 4: Sedburg-buneside-windermere.
Made it to burneside, what a hovel… don’t stop here if you can. I went looking for campsites (west of burneside), Bonning Gate and Pound Farm. Both looked rubbish, should have tried the one at Rather Heath, but went to Crook for a Pint. Then realised I was only 5 miles from bowness so just yomped it. Long day, but stayed in a bnb at end.
Would consider doing these two stages in one again… wasn’t too bad.

If I were to do it again I would do it in 6 days travelling no more than 15-18 miles (except the end). And I would do the following:
Ilkley – Appletreewick\Grassington (if the latter had a camp site)
Grassington – Cray (camp behind pub, but ring first as I don’t know if they still allow people to do this).
Cray – Cowgill (camp opposite pub, farm on right next door to sportsman inn).
Cowgill – Sedbergh (Holme Open Farme), 2 miles west of town on dales way other side of river.
Sedbergh – Finish (26 miles), unless you can find a place in staveley.

Hope this helps.