Even though I finshed my E -W crossing in April in 107 hours, my W -E effort in September 2010 of 111 hours was better.
E - W was around 12 miles shorter, although with more ascent. The weather was good if somewhat rather hot, with practically zero rain or wind and no navigational problems.
W - E followed Wainwrights routes almost to the letter inc Hawswater path and the moor near RHB. The weather was mixed with a full days heavy downpour. I had terrible ball of foot blisters, which slowed me considerably and I lost hours during two nightime navigational errors.
As there are so many different routes, short cuts, avoidence out of ascents, taking to roads etc which can make the chosen route easier and faster, it occurrs to me that the only real test on this C2C is by following the established Wainwright route without any deviations at all. That's exactly what Mike Hartley did during his record breaking run, and as when walking it, any alterations/deviations from that route cannot compare.
I have been thinking about and looking for a more direct faster line, but having realised the above and that my two crossings were so different, they had little in common, I think any further challenge worthwhile taking up on the C2C would be with the attempt on a faster time on the established Wainwright route, without any alterations.