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#6396 - 10/02/07 09:01 PM Cheating
Howie Offline
Full Member

Registered: 15/07/05
Posts: 70
Loc: Cumbria
My friend and I are planning to do the Pennine Way in June, he lives near the route on the first three days and his wife is planning to pick us up at the end of the route on each of these days to stay at their house overnight and drop us back off on the route where we finished the previous day to continue the walk.
Does anyone think we are cheating by doing it this way as another friend thinks we are cheating, he thinks once we start we should stay out on the route and get Bed & Breakfast accomodation at each of these locations.
I would be grateful for anyones comments regarding this dilema.

#6397 - 10/02/07 10:03 PM Re: Cheating
diverjock Offline

Registered: 22/01/07
Posts: 5
Why is it cheating?. Provided you walk the whole of the Pennine way there is no problem. You could argue that to do it properly you should camp but if you start at the begining and finish at the end and do not miss any of the walk good on you!

#6398 - 10/02/07 10:14 PM Re: Cheating
Dr.BingoBongo Offline
Full Member

Registered: 13/04/05
Posts: 292
Loc: Cumbria
Howie...sleep well in the somnolent balm of your conscience.
There are NO RULES concerning this great walk,therefore it is impossible to cheat.
My own preferance is to avoid any mode of transport,other than my trusty Meindls,between start and finish. No buses to off-route accomodation and no kindly lifts to far flung hostelries.
Part of the beauty of the walk is to spend evenings in the locale to which you've just arrived. Soaking up the ambiance and gradual change in dialects,custom,ales,local foods,culture,architecture,agriculture,and countless other subtleties between Derbyshire and Roxburghshire is a great aspect of moving slowly through the wilderness.
I know it's only three days but consider what you might be missing.

Have a great time
Doktor Bongoli

#6399 - 10/02/07 10:14 PM Re: Cheating
lightweightmick Offline
Full Member

Registered: 18/11/04
Posts: 1764
Loc: North Derbyshire UK
I think life presents us with opportunities. It's up to us whether we take them or not.
It will be no less of an experience for you, just different from your friend's... not cheating fo' sure.
St Bees or Bust!
A Walk in the Park...s

#6400 - 11/02/07 12:44 PM Re: Cheating
yorkybuzz Offline

Registered: 05/04/06
Posts: 10
What is cheating?, you are walking the whole length anyway,does it matter where you sleep? but what does other walkers on here think about timewise? Would they consider it ok to walk the Pennine way in stages over say 3 months and then claim to have walked the Pennine way?
Does it matter ? Personally it has to be walked in one go with or without rest days. I'm camping/barns and YH in about 14 days but thats me, and thats the beauty 10 days, 20 days or a month its the individuals choice.

#6401 - 11/02/07 01:23 PM Re: Cheating
tim smith Offline
Full Member

Registered: 28/10/06
Posts: 1054
Loc: england
Hi Howie.
The Pennine Way, is like a lot more Long distance walks, it is there to be enjoyed in any shape or form how ever you complete it. i beleive there is even a pony trail now.
it is a differnt thing if you are walking a challenge walk like the Lyke Wake Walk which has to be done in less than 24 hours, and some of that in the hours of darkness.
but even then one is only cheating ones self if one does not stick to tradition. it is a personel thing go and enjoy. if you walk it you will have done it on your own two feet and that is what it is all about '

#6402 - 11/02/07 02:23 PM Re: Cheating
tomread Offline
Full Member

Registered: 07/09/05
Posts: 249
Of course it isn't cheating. In fact doesn't Sherpa or one of the other companies offer an option of being picked up at Cocklawfoot and trasnsported back for a 2nd night at Byrness, and then driven back to the halfway point of the Cheviots the next day?

However, there is something particularly satisfying about staying in a new place each night. It's like a reward for your progress each day.

Up to you at the end of the day, no-one else, but cheating it isn't.

#6403 - 11/02/07 06:09 PM Re: Cheating
Lounge Lizard Offline
Full Member

Registered: 07/05/06
Posts: 2013
Loc: Stafford
Howie, It was you who first suggested this might be "cheating", but try it this scrimshanking way if you wish and if the walk ends up as a big disappointment, with your main memories of it being waiting for the lifts to and from the day walks, then you can start planning the walk again and look forward to doing it properly next year.

#6404 - 12/02/07 01:29 PM Re: Cheating
John H Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/10/06
Posts: 4
Loc: Woodville, VA., USA
"Hike your own hike" is a saying among long distance hikers along the Appalachian Trail. I don't recall seeing any rules saying you need to stay in close proximity to the trail or camp every night. I tented, stayed in 2 B&B's, youth hostels and hotels along the route and thoroughly enjoyed the hike. Just get out and hike and enjoy the scenery and great people you will meet.

#6405 - 12/02/07 02:18 PM Re: Cheating
Nick Mac Offline
Full Member

Registered: 27/07/06
Posts: 118
Loc: Cleckheaton
I aggree with John H,
In the begining the Pennine Way was just a set of compass bearings, over the years the course of the path has been established through the erosion and gerneral wear and tear.
There have been a few times when a more atractive 'Wainwright' alternative has been better than the main route.
I always walk from Thwaite into Muker and then along the footpath in the valley bottom in Swaledale, this affords better views, an extra waterfall which is far better than Kisden force, and a Theakstons pub for lunch (the Farmers Arms).
The main thing to remember is to enjoy the walk however you do it......

[This message has been edited by Nick Mac (edited 12 February 2007).]

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