Ive been looking at the leader bnoard timings again of this years Spine race.
The results are quite an eye opener.
Obviously the faster guys got away and had a fair lead by Middleton (Halfway).
However from leaving Middleton CP3 to leaving Bellingham CP5, our group of 3, myself with Annie & Russ had the 4th fastest times out of the 16 left at that point.
Our tital time between those points was 51 hours.
The winner Eugeni's time was 49 hours.
Incredibly Mick Coopers time was 41 hours (the fastest)

Between Alston CP4 and Bellingham CP5 most of the times range netween 22 hours and 25 hours.
Richard Lendons was 26 hours.
Gary Morrison 30 hours.
Our trios time was 23 hours.
Incredibly again Mick Coopers was a staggering sub 13 hours.
But for the conditions, had we finished, we would have been within about 7 hours of Richard and Gary.
Got me thinking about what may have been had I not lost around 10 hours and more due to lack of sleep and nav errors.