I've only completed the southern part of the ODP, but I/we thoroughly enjoyed it. We walked in mid-May 2004, and had some delightful weather (sunny every day, hardly a drop of rain, can you believe it?). The scenery on Hatterrall Ridge was incredible, but that certainly wasn't the only highlight. There were loads of great views each day.

I can't compare the ODP to the C2C, as I haven't walked the latter. However, I did enjoy the variety of environment on the ODP: shaded woodlands, farmers' fields, open grassland, exposed hilltops, riverside paths -- all with nice towns and villages along the way.

My pack was small, and only weighed 13 pounds, so the stiles didn't present a problem. And we were only disappointed once with a closed pub -- thankfully there was an open one not too far down the road! The B&Bs in which we stayed were fantastic (e-mail me if you want my recommendations). We're very much looking forward to completing the northern part in Sept of this year.

Perhaps the northern part is dramatically different from the southern part? For those of you who posted (who are dissatisfied with the ODP) -- would you say that your dissatisfaction was more with the northern part than the southern part? Any particular words of wisdom you would offer to anyone just doing the northern part? (Besides "don't do it" [img]http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/wink.gif[/img] -- we're going to do it anyway, but want to avoid specific pitfalls you encountered.) Thanks in advance!