I guess its down to different strokes for different folks.We all view scenery differently.For me the Pennine Way has always been superior to the Coast to Coast but I doubt that many people would share that view.We all look for different things from a walk.I tend to like remoteness and desolation and the Pennine Way has that in abundance.

The only way to experience a walk is to get out there and do it.Often a person has had bad experiences with the weather or health problems such as blisters and painful knees and this can leave them with a negative impression of the walk.In the 25 years I have been walking I have come to realise that all walks have their good and bad points.The Coast to Coast has one or two boring sections(at least they are boring to me)so we can't say the Coast to Coast is the perfect walk. The Pennine Way is little more than a stroll in good weather but if you get high winds and rain it becomes more of a fight for survival than a walk.Wainwright had very negative views of the Pennine Way but he had two weeks of rain and has admitted this gave him a negative impression of the walk.

My advice is to do the walk and then form an opinion on it.You might even find that you enjoy it.

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