Ok, a little balance here.

First, TheBFB, thanks for your post -- you've caused me to take a much closer look at the final 35-40 miles of the path. You're absolutely right about the roads -- the path merges with the road a great number of times, and for quite long stretches of distance. Obviously not a fun time, especially when one is forced to walk directly on the road (instead of a path). And the walk to/into/through Prestatyn doesn't look or sound good at all -- you're certainly not the first person who has mentioned that fact.

I must say, however, that the final 35-40 miles of the ODP is not indicative of the entire ODP. The southern part of the ODP is the only part I've walked so far, and it was very enjoyable. The ~50-mile section between White Castle (near Llanvetherine) and Knighton is especially nice. Plenty of wide open spaces and fantastic scenery, and enough villages and towns along the path so that you have a number of great pubs from which to choose. There are also not too many stiles (as compared to the rest of the path). Hatterrall Hill to Hay Bluff was spectacular, as was Hergest Ridge. Hay on Wye, Kington, Gladestry, Knighton -- all fantastic.

Even the ~30 miles from the beginning of the path to White Castle were okay; just maybe a bit "boring" as compared to the WC-Knighton stretch. Even so, there was some very good scenery at times in this section, and plenty of nice towns/villages/pubs/B&Bs along the way.

It definitely sounds like the northern half is not nearly as nice as the southern half, based on this and other threads. But I would suggest to anyone who has completed the northern half, that the worst may be over, and you'll probably be in for a treat in the southern half.

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