Wow, that's a lot of negativity towards the ol' ODP, I hope that it doesn't put too many people off because I think it is one of the best LDP's in the country (for a real dull walk, the Southern Upland Way beats all!). I did it in Mar 03 and enjoyed every minute, lots of hills and mountains, loads of places to wild camp and some truly stunning views. Of course it's got some dull bits but surely all LDP's have them due to their very nature (even the daddy of 'em all, the Coast2Coast has it's dull bits, between Richmond and The Cleveland Hills springs to mind).
As someone has already said on this forum 'each to their own' but I really don't think the ODP deserves such bad press, although I do agree that Prestatyn is an awful town and I would love to see the end re-routed to finish in Rhyl!!