I walked ODP, South to North, in late May .... I enjoyed it thoroughly. The day North of Knighton was certainly challenging with ups and downs and ups and downs but otherwise it was fairly easy. Waymarking, other than just south of Redbrook, was pretty good. I had great meals in great pubs and the walkers who I met up with were very friendly (even a group of octogenarians fron New Hampshire!) Of the 12 B&Bs only one was poor but the others were good to great. The scenery was spectacular: beautiful hills and cute villages and canals etc etc. The weather was largley clear, however, it seemed to get chillier and chillier later in May. For those doing it I recommend that you wear high boots when passing through Gornel farm because of the manure and beware of viscious little dog. For the guy who "hates Wales" I might remind him that one third of the path is in England, but he probably hates that place too.