You know, I really should quit reading these message boards. Many of the posts seem intemperate and closed-minded. I've walked the C2C twice, also Dales Way, parts of the Cambrian Way, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and the Dingle Way in Ireland. Maybe it's because I'm an American, but I see wonderful things in all these walks. I did Offa's Dyke as my first long-distance path in the U.K. For the record, there are 400+ stiles, not 700+ as one of the complainers says. The southern part is rich with history ... walking above Tintern Abbey gave me chills. Hatterall Ridge is beautiful ... the whole walk up to Montgomery is varied and interesting. Montgomery to Trefonen is a bit flat, but so is Richmond to Ingleby Cross on the C2C. The area around Llangollen at World's End is gorgeous, as are the moels around Ruthin. I met many nice Welsh people. I never made a B&B reservation, depending instead on finding them along the way ... never a problem. There aren't many through hikers on ODP, so take friends if you can't stand your own company. I highly recommend the ODP to anyone who loves the countryside.