Hiya once again. My farther (who has walked part of the ODP) insists there is a head office that I can contact to get information from, But he can not remember the name of it or where it is.
As he has many more years experiance( of getting thing wrong and not realising it)
I am a little weary of his advice.
I have searcged the net night after night trying to find the Offa's Dyke Head office, I dont think there is such a place is there?

Do any of you have any experiance of trying to plan a walk when there farther is insistig that you are planning it wrongly when u know you are planning it correctly and how did you deal with the situation?

one more question. Does anyone want to look after a 61 year old man while a am planning this walk? [img]http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/biggrin.gif[/img]
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