GG -- when are you planning on walking? The reason I'm asking is that I've planned an itinerary, complete with B&B info, but I haven't yet had the chance to test it out. If I walk before you do, I'll send you my itinerary, along with comments on how everything went. If you're going to walk before I walk, I can still send you the itinerary to see if it might help you with your plans. (Even though I don't have first-hand experience with it, I've selected B&Bs/nightstops based on other walkers' reviews, comments from this forum, and opinions from other hiking/walking websites,)

Have you seen these posts yet?

Also, in case you haven't seen this feature yet...
If you want walkers' comments on how they liked (or didn't like) certain B&Bs/hotels/etc., you can click on this page:
and then click on the towns (where you're thinking of staying) on the left side of the page.

Some of the B&Bs/hotels have a [img][/img]
button for reviews from walkers who have stayed at those places during their walks.

Glebe Barn (Burnsall), and Romany Cottage (Buckden) received excellent reviews from walkers -- I'm looking forward to staying at each of those!

And on a related note -- has anyone stayed in the following places recently?? I looked on the Sherpa Van accommodation site linked above, and these places had limited or no opinions:

1) The Crown Inn, Addingham

2) Garda View, Dent (there's only one opinion, and it's from 2003)

Best wishes in your planning, and please let me know if you want to have a look at my itinerary. It's planned for an 8-day walk, if that's the sort of leisurely pace you're looking for.

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