Our planned itinerary was:
Kirkfield @ Grassington
Camm Farm
Garda View @ Dent
Punchbowl House @ Grayrigg
Belsfield House @ Bowness

However, due to me doing my leg in we didn't manage to complete the walk and only stayed at three of the places.

I've posted our views on the B&Bs on the other bit of this site but for info we found the:

Kirkfield very nice tho' could do with tea/coffee making in the room. The Black Horse in Grassington does excellent food so may be worth considering for B&B also.

Camm Houses room and food are fine, but would try and avoid if there's a shoot on the next day as we felt to be in the way at breakfast when she was trying to do preparations for later.

Punchbowl at Grayrigg was excellent - a small detour from the route but a lovley place with excellent food!

Hope this is some use - we'll be having another go next spring and hope to finish properly this time (plus we intend doing it over a longer period as the 5 days was a bit outside our capabilities - hence the dicky leg and subesquent blisters which cut short this attempt!)