Hi Shinsplints
Look out for the sheepdogs at burnside farm, i don't suppose it will be the same one we saw there, but i wonder if they are up to their old tricks, we got there about dinner time and the farmer had gone in for his dinner and the sheep dog was outside practising it,s skill on the old hens. it just quitely wandered back and forth behind them till they finished up in the kitchen with the farmer, i did enjoy watching it, and when i saw Burn side farm it brought it all back, it must be all of 25 years ago maybe more.thanks for the memory. we wild camped all the way. nearly got carried down the warfe at one site, had gone for water out of the river when a flood tide came down just as i had put our collapsible bucket in and the force dragged me off my feet but as luck would have it the stone i landed on had a depression and i was able to anchor my behind on it,

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