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I've booked a holiday to Oz in September and although most of it will involve staying in hotels, I am doing a 5 day tour of the outback with saraha tours. They say to bring good walking shoes but not sure whether to go for a pair of Timberlands (Nellie ones as shorter) or a pair of trainer style hiking shoes like Merrell. I already have a pair of those but feel they slip on wet ground quite badly so is there anything else other people could recommend. Also, has anybody out there actaully done this tour - is it any good?


It depends on where you are going.

If it's the Top End, where there's water and rainforests, you might not want to wear your slippery ones. If it's the Red Centre, where there are rocks and saltpans and bull dust, you might be doing short hikes around Uluru and King's Canyon and the like and that's very dry, but you may feel safer on a few of those tracks with a good grip underfoot.

My advice is wherever you are going just take what you are comfortable wearing from your own stock of regular walking shoes or boots and don't go to any added expense.

Because most of where you are likely to be travelling in Outback Australia has been walked barefoot by indigenous people for centuries so I can't see any reason to justify buying anything out of the ordinary.

And while I haven't done any tours with Sahara my guess is that distances in Australia are so vast you'll likely spend more time driving to get to places than actually walking in those 5 days. So, expect that.

And that's another reason not to spend too much money unnecessarily.

We were camping outback last June. I took the one pair of lightweight boots I am wearing on the C2C and wore them day and night. I simply dusted the thick layer of bull dust off them nightly to wear into the pubs for drinks and dinners.

And I took sublime pleasure in changing my dusty gritty socks nightly: that bulldust is a curse.

I was well shod, even glamorous. Most of the locals were barefoot, or in thongs.

Refresher towels. Now there's a good buy. Very useful: for face and feet. [img]http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/smile.gif[/img]

Enjoy. It is different.

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