I have recently returned from a one week walking trip on the Dales Way. We used ********* Holidays to book our accommodation and transfer our baggage.
Although the weather was kind and the baggage transfer went well there was one improvement to the service that could have been made.
Upon reaching our destination at the end of each day we spent a lot of time searching for our accommodation. After a day's walking this was the last thing we wanted to do, especially if the weather was wet. The accommodation address was supplied but only a name and telephone number, and no full address. Mobile phone reception in the Dales is very patchy and telephone kiosks are few and far between. To find our accommodation we had to resort to knocking on doors.
All that was needed was the provision of a full address with a map and perhaps a photograph. This info could be provided by the proprieter and is freely available on the internet.
********* say they do not provide this info in order to cut costs. A lame excuse I think. These courier companies are making a lot of money from walkers. Discuss