Oh, it brought back memories reading that. 24 hours would be extremely difficult in my opinion for the Dales Way, my best is 29.25 hours. I have never finished it without extremely bad deep heels blisters, losing all the entire heel thich skin on three separate occasions, because the faster you walk the more the heat build up and 3 mile per hour is very fast for such a distance. The problem of blisters doesnt usually kick in untill around the 40 mile mark, but after that you know about it. You also need a very poisitive mental attitude, because it is ging to hurt like you have never hurt before, and it goes on and on and on. A few years ago I introduced a pal of mine to the Dales Way non stop. This guy was super fit had done all the big hard Fell races that year finishing well up the field and is 15 years younger than me. However I had done three 45 mile training walks. We finished the Dales Way in 30.5 hours I was fine as I found the pace (His pace) comfortable, but he was on his chinstraps after 30 mile. He told me it was the hardest thing he had ever done in his life and was almost in tears as we approached the finish in Bowness.
You have been warned, let us know how you get on, success or failure.
Dont carry too much weight early on, you can stock up in Grassington and Kettlewell on your your way through, however you will need to leave Kettlewell quite heavy laiden carrying enough food and drink to see you through to the finish some 61 mile away as you dont pass any other shop on the way.