Hi folks

I'm a cafe owner in a small town in the Yorkshire Dales which attracts a large number of walkers - I sometimes get asked to make up a packed lunch for people going off walking for the day and I wondered if I should market this service more widely?

Being a keen Dales walker myself I know that on many local walks there are few if any places to eat and I was considering offering a service where if you order by close of play the day before - either in person or by email, fax or phone - you can pick up the lunch first thing in the morning. Do you think that would be of interest to people?

If so, what would you expect in such a lunch and what would you be prepared to pay? I was thinking along these lines:

- 2 rounds of sandwiches
- 1 piece of fruit
- 1 drink (juice or water?)
- 1 cereal bar (or chocolate bar?)
- 1 bag of crisps

Is that too much/not enough is the balance of items right?
How much would you pay for it?

Id be really grateful for your feedback and views on any other services a business like mine could provide for walkers.