Our blog of our visit to the Isle of Man this summer to bag all the Marilyn summits (5) on the island is recorded on my website http://tomread.co.uk

Click on the SOTA index on the left menu pane, and that will take you to my index of hills. 313 different UK hills (in England, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland) are listed, and each has at least one webpage with the story and photos. At the foot of many of the pages are links to previous years' reports - I have over 1400 expedition reports on the site!

All the English Marilyns have now been completed as of July 2012 - although I nearly didn't with a frightening incident while descending from Pillar in the Lake District! Isle of Man is completed as well, but that wasn't quite the same undertaking! We are just over halfway through Wales and approaching halfway in Northern Ireland. The percentage in Scotland will be pretty low!

I hope it will be of interest to readers of this forum.