I missed the stile in the fence almost oppositte where you cross the farm track. I went further along the track to the trees and followed the wall/fence left and eventually into the trees, before clambering over the wall. That must have put me in the right field, I think but too far right. Then met another wall, followed that to a little Copse - no way through, so back along that wall trying to find a way through. Came to the back of the farm, so up the field again, back to the Copse. Over a gate there into another field, but lights from a lonely bungalow. Didn't want them seeing my headtorch, so went into another field. many stops to look at useless map and a GPS that had lost battery power.
Then finally realised that the route came out onto the road to Marrick which went West to East, so took a Northern bearing on the compass - came to another wall. Eeny, meanie, Miny mow, which way do we go? Went left, it curved round and lo and behold met the road. Clambered over and Eurika!
Of course shortly after that I took a wrong turning to the right, missing the left turn at the junction, with the BIG C2C sign! Finally arrived in Richmond around midnight.
A bit of a cock up evening you might say.