Recently heard that large parts of our Lancashire moorland are to be designated 'sights of special scientific interest'.
Three very popular, and in the Fell Runners diary, very special Fell Races are now almost certain to no longer take place.
This will impact greatly on the running club that puts them on, as they are their main means of income.
It's all to do with the fragile state of Peat Bog moors.
Of course rights of way should not be affected, but these races mainly used pathless open moor, and that's what made them so special.
I guess once designated, that means access will be denied for everyone including walkers.
I can't help but be suspicious that this is just a way of getting around the 'Right to Roam' as it comes from the owners 'United Utilities'. We always had access problems on moorland etc when the 'Water Board' owned the same land.
I wonder which area will be next.