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Just a suggestion of another place to stay. We stayed at Intake Farm, Littlebeck. Depends on your schedule as it's 4/5 miles further on. We had walked from Blakey Ridge but had had a short day the day before. It leaves you with a nice short walk into Robin Hoods Bay! When you arrive Judith sits you down in the kitchen for home made cake and tea, and everyone sits around a big table for dinner. There were around 10 people when we were there including some who were camping there so a great atmosphere with lots of stories to tell by then. It was one of our favourite places to stay.

That sounds fantastic and love the idea of the shorter walk into Robin Hoods Bay. However I'm not sure our feet would take it as we have Richmond to Ingleby Cross, then Ingleby Cross to Blakey Ridge. Another big one might just finish us off ha ha.