Well that's the diagnosis from the orthopedic dept at our local hospital today. My right heel that Ive been suffering pain with for the last 11 months. The last two months in particular it's become really agonising at times, with some permanent pain. I had a feeling they would come up with PF. Ive had it before many years ago but this feels different. Anyway that's what they reckon, apparently it's self limiting over a two year period, but will probably repeat. They gave me the usual excerise list, and I have an appointment to have some new orthotics made, plus one for an ultra sound scan. I also came away with a pair of gel heel cups.
I went for a 22.5 mile fast walk yesterday, to try and bring out the full extent of what I have been experiencing lately in preparation for this appointment today. Well it worked, yesterday. bad pain started to develop at just 3 miles, by 10 miles I was in agony and although i tried to maintain normal gait, my outer foot edge became really painful. I was obviously transferring weight there, then the back of my heel started. By the time I thankfully got back to my car my foot was a mess. I had to take some Naproxen and had a very uncomfortable night.
Then this morning and at the hospital, typically, the pain was less than it been for weeks.
Hoping now that all this works, however for now, my long distance or any real distance walking is on hold. In the meantime, trying to remain sane!