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Bad luck Dave... you've got us all wound up now.
Was that 1st climb your first hill in a while?

Thanks for all comments, I hope it kept you amused for a short while.
Mick, yeah first hill for a while, although my legs were not even happy walking to the B&B from the train station. I am suspecting the problem may have been due to wearing my new orthotics in my work shoes the week before. I don't think they are right. Left (good foot) foot I have no problem with feel uncomfortable with them as the arch support feels excessive, and the right one (PF foot) is also built up for arch support which makes my already Supinating foot, supinate even more placing even more pressure on the outer edge. Anyway that's all I can put it down to at the moment. On a positive note, when Ive recovered in about 4 - 6 weeks time I'll probably be flying!