Strange thing this PF, I'm getting the feeling that it is not going to go away altogether and will be something I will just have to manage.
I have a heel varus which Ive known about for years and a slight forefoot valgus. In other words my foot has slightly tilted over to the outside. Thats in the non weight baring position. As soon as I stand, all investigation, tests, gait tests etc are normal. So why do they insist on orthotics, I just don't get it, but after all the reading and research that Ive done, it seems to me that most of the foot/orthopedic people are simply following whats always been thought. The truth is not very much is known about the condition, like many other things.
I'm going to go back to trying Orange Superfeet which will give my foot arch some support without trying to bend my foot this way and that way.
If things go well, I will be making another foray late September. I don't know where yet, but if I ever do attempt a fast C2C again it will be E - W.
Come on Mick -you know you want to..................when?